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Saturday, 12 April 2014 21:28

1. She is always before your eyes.
All of a sudden you notice that wherever you are, there is she; at all get-togethers where you happen to be at work and you often “accidentally” meet with her in the malls, and so on. Of course it might just be a coincidence. What actually might happen is that girl gives you a chance to come up to her and start talking. You must act. So, if next time you notice that girl is constantly flickering before your eyes, it is very possible, that she does it on purpose. Go ahead and talk to her!

2. She is never busy for you.
It is a fact that in a relationship when the girl is interested in a guy, she will try to always be free to spend time with a guy. This means that she will quickly answer calls, SMS, and would accept an invitation to meet at evening, or whenever you want. And even if she is busy and cannot meet up with you, she will always say something like this: “Well … This Saturday I can’t. But I’m free on Monday” in other words she will always find a way to spend time with you. From a girl who is interested in you, you never hear such phrases as “I just broke up with a guy, and I am not looking for a new relationship “or” I am very busy in the following 42 weeks, my hamster gives birth, I should be present! So the next couple of weeks do not call me! “

3. She asks many questions about you.
An interested girl always wants to know as much as possible about the object of adoration, so later she can tell her friends, how special you are.

4. She builds future plans and where you present as well
Girl could say something like: “Ooo … do you like pool? Do you want to play someday?

5. She is jealous when you talk to other girls.
If the girl starts to get nervous (behaves strangely) when you’re just kidding with the other girls, the girl wants something more from you.

I described the most common, the most frequent signals. There is no 100% signal that the girl is in love with you, but if you’re getting all these signals together, with a probability of 80% girl loves you, or at least has some sort of attraction to you.

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